Life without a swing

is a misunderstanding.

Hugo Kükelhaus


APE Studio is changing the landscape of play in America so that all children have access to play areas that challenge them, inspire them, and help them to grow into self-determined individuals.


Play Value

We are the partners of Richter Spielgeräte, makers of original playground equipment.

Together with Richter, we work with landscape architects and other playground planners to create play spaces where children feel free, where families feel at home, and where communities come together. Play Value is the outstanding quality of Richter products. It means that people really use our equipment. 



We firmly believe that growing children thrive when they determine for themselves how they play and how far they can go. The best play spaces offer young people graduated challenges to stretch their bodies, experience risk, and test their developing abilities. We understand, too, that safety is a serious concern. For this reason, all Richter equipment designed for installation in the U.S. addresses the ASTM and CPSC requirements for public playground safety.


All of Richter’s products are handcrafted, using long-lasting materials such as wood and stainless steel that are known for aging beautifully. Combined with outstanding designs and straightforward construction, our equipment is made for maximum play value. We think of play for all—with equipment made to activate the senses and to accommodate diverse abilities and ages, including teens and adults. 

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Simple Materials



Stainless Steel



Nature and its resources are near to our hearts.  For this reason, our equipment is carefully designed and produced using time-tested techniques and consciously sourced materials. We choose simple components that reflect natural forms and put children directly in touch with elements from nature.

Since its founding in 1967, the Richter company has committed to working in an environmentally sustainable way. To that end, Richter uses only untreated larch, robinia, and oak harvested from certified sustainable forests, sourced from suppliers Richter has turned to for decades. We deliberately avoid coatings and lacquers because we want children to experience natural elements up close. 


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