Play equipment by Richter Spielgeraete GmbH is the product of a consciously considered chain of production, from the selection of materials to the choice of manufacturing procedures. The goal is always to increase play value.




Richter prolongs the lifespan of its equipment without the use of chemicals through the following natural protective measures: (1) selection of durable species, (2) appropriate open-air drying to reduce internal moisture before wood is use for construction, (3) design choices to reduce contact with moisture including steel feet and vertical posts with angled tops and a paraffin wax coating to facilitate runoff.

This is why we use wood. Wood appeals to the senses of sight, smell, and touch. It’s neutral appearance creates a blank slate for children’s imaginations, yet its irregularities in texture and color provide interest and character.

Richter’s preferred woods for play equipment are unimpreganted European mountain larch (larix decidua) and robinia (robinia pseudoacacia). These species are naturally strong and rot-resistant, ensuring Richter equipment has a long lifespan without the use of chemical preservatives. All timbers are sources from PEFC-certified sustainably grown and harvested forests near the Richter workshop.

Platform, Bridge and Pyramid Tower of Mountain Larch

Platform, Bridge and Pyramid Tower of Mountain Larch

Climbing Structure of robinia wood

Climbing Structure of robinia wood



We value the robustness and elegance of stainless steel: the material inspires our designers to create special shapes and concepts, and products made of stainless steel have a high quality appearance. We use two types of stainless steel in our products. Grade 1.4301, a corrosion resistance and iron-based alloy with an iron content of at least 50% is used for standard situations. Grade 1.4571 (“marine grade”) is used when strong stresses will be placed on the equipment, such as chlorinated or salt water.


The Play Value of stainless steel




Making Sound




Water Play



MNT LAKE PARK-7956-low.jpg

Richter’s equipment uses Hercules COROCORD ropes. The Hercules design consists of six galvanized steel wire strands, each with polyamide yard inductively fused around each steel sire strand. This process significantly increases the abrasion resistance. Edge ropes, which will carry greater loads, are additionally reinforced with a steel-wire core.

The rope dimensions are intentionally specified to create a comfortable gripping diameter for a child’s grasp.

For certain balancing features, Richter also uses Coconut ropes, offering two varieties: one of natural Coconut fiber, and another of polypropylene.