For 50 years, Richter has designed and produced play equipment that responds to the needs of children and their communities. 

  • Richter’s original products include a full range of play types for every age--including teens and adults--with many designs made expressly for Richter by working artists. 

  • Richter’s product designs are distinctive yet understated; they stand out in urban playgrounds and complement park settings.

  • We see play spaces as living places that reflect and help shape the cultural life of the surrounding communities and landscapes. 


Richter equipment embodies our philosophy that children are self-determined individuals; they are naturally self-protective and resilient. 

  • Guided by the principle “as much play value as possible, as much safety as necessary,” our focus is creating robust play experiences.

  • A balance of risk and play value provides the best and safest environments for young people to test their developing abilities. 

  • Our equipment is designed with graduated challenges so children can stretch their bodies and gain mastery over time.




The Richter company is committed to working in an environmentally sound and ecologically sustainable way.

  • Our equipment is handcrafted from simple, consciously sourced materials. 

  • We choose real wood, not “nature inspired” synthetic materials, to give children a direct physical connection to nature. 

  • We use untreated timbers that reveal the natural characteristics of wood and that are naturally recyclable.

  • We source our wood from certified, sustainable forests, and select wood species for intrinsic durability and stability.


Richter’s simple, straightforward designs inspire children and families to embrace play spaces as their special places. 

  • We advocate for the use of loose materials such as sand, pea gravel, wood fiber, and touchable plantings so that children can build and imagine their own ways to play. 

  • Our neutral equipment designs contribute to an atmosphere of creative discovery, encouraging people to return again and again to find something new each time.

  • From the beginning, Richter has created playground equipment that satisfies children’s need to move and run, and at the same time to find intimate spaces—a hut, a tower, a castle—where they can imagine their own worlds undisturbed.



For all.

We help make play spaces that engage whole humans, activating bodies and imaginations as well as emotional and social wellbeing. 

  • We contribute to playful environments for all ages—spaces that are comfortable and fun for caregivers as well as children.

  • Our equipment is conceived and constructed to accommodate different abilities and modes of play at the same time.

  • Our products are designed to encourage collaboration among users, interaction that enhances play value and delight.

  • We extend this collaborative approach to our work—with landscape architects and other clients, with our project-team colleagues, and ultimately with the crews who maintain and care for the finished playgrounds.